About Zanbagh Hotel
we would show you the best to experience
Spread over 15000 square meters locate at the entrance boulvard of Yazd city with leisure facilities like kids play ground, conference hall, beautiful coffee shop and fast food area in the garden with a lovely ambience. A beautiful hotel with 31 rooms and 2 connected suits, isolated wedding hall.
this complex is located out of traffic jam area and by beltway from inside city you can reach airport and Dolat abad Garden.
Hotel distinctions are modern equipments, loyal and expert staffs.
its building is thourighly standardized and made of anti earth quake cocrete and contains different halls that are well equipted for your ceremonies and meetings.
this complex with more than 100persons capacity- restaurant for you assurance and superintendence has a settled hygenist experties.
This hotel is also certificated by ISO9001:2008,10002:2004,22000:2005 and ISO 22000:2005 C.R.S and the certificate of qualification of tourism by organization of inheritage.
we would be glad in order to be your host.
Zanbagh Hotel